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How to add Instagram feed to your website?

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No time to update your website?

Keeping your website updated with something NEW regularly will attract visitors to come back again if they are interested in your products or services. However, this might be something that you as a sole trader, entrepreneur or small business owner don’t have time for.

– You love what you do and you are great at it and simply dont have time for things like that.

The solution

There are many solutions to this! We suggest having your Instagram posts coming up on your website which makes it look like it was actually on your website and not coming from Instagram.

This is a great way to keep your target audience interested and showing them more of what you have to offer and can do for them.

If they click on the image or the icon above, they will be taken to your Instagram page and there they can like your posts.

Your Instagram feed on your website options:

  • How many Instagram posts you want to display per row
  • How many Instagram posts you want to display in total
  • How many Instagram posts in the column

It will look like you are updating your website as often as you post. This is a great to keep the customers engaged on your website and hopefully drive sales.

A lot of entrepreneurs spend time writing blogs for their website to get more traffic but also to engage the visitor.

Adding a feed from your Instagram will give it a dynamic and fresh look without having to write content regularly.